Custom Database Development

Crittenden Consulting has created databases in many industries for a wide variety of uses. Most programs are made for smaller groups, but all programs are capable of being used by up to at least 250 simultaneous users. All databases are relational and can be true client-server if desired. Platforms include Windows and Macintosh. Programs are capable of being cross platform for companies with Windows and Macintosh computers.

We use Filemaker Pro, a relational, multi-user database management program. For more complex projects, we use 4th Dimension, a 32-bit, multi-threaded database with a machine-language compiler.

To start a database project, we meet with the people involved to gather as much information as possible about the workflow, forms used, reports desired, and any current problems. We then design our onscreen forms and reports to look like those in use.

Some of our custom projects are described below.



Fraternal Organizations

MemberTracker  Store information on members, dues, officers and special event attendance for a fraternal organization. It can record very detailed information about the member, including a dues payment history, and can print out a preformatted membership directory. It also handles the organizations special events, including billing.

Law Firms & Legal Departments

Case Management  Tracks cases filed, from the first notice of intent to sue, through all court proceedings, meetings, and other events. It can organize cases by corporate entity or client, has a to-do file, a notes file, a contacts file and a place to record the theory of the complaint.

Workers Compensation case tracking  Tracks Worker Compensation cases filed against the corporation. It has space to record the nature of the case, the attorneys involved, the dates of court hearings and appeals, all costs, etc., and any offers of settlement that have been made. It can automatically generate requests for various employee records. It contains a variety of reports.

Unemployment Claims  This program logs the unemployment claims that are contested by the company. It is designed for Michigan Unemployment claims, but can be modified for use in other states. It tracks the results of the hearings and appeals, the amount of benefits paid, and can issue summary reports.
Medical Chart Database  Designed for the complex medical malpractice case. All (or any part) of the medical record for an injured party can be entered so that the chronology of treatment can be made clear by sorting all records by date and time. The records can be searched instantly for any type of information including key word searches.
Asbestos Defense  This program automates the asbestos defense practice. In addition to case management, the work of pleading preparation, billing and invoice production are highly automated so that many pleadings are printed and billed by a click of a button. Please call for more information.

The Innocence Project Case Management Program  This program is used by a law school that participates in the Innocence Project, a national initiative that offers assistance to prisoners who believe that DNA evidence can clear them of a crime. This is case management software specifically designed for this use.

Real Estate & Title Policies

Real Estate Office Manager  Handles comprehensive information about a real estate company. It lists the offices (with maps), the agents, all property listings, and provides detailed information about all departments of the company. This program is published on the Web at
Newspaper/Magazine Ad Database  Automates the production and tracking of print ads for a real estate company. Listings are put in a database, and ad copy is drawn from there. Tracks ad costs by individual property and office.

Title Track  Automates the process of requesting a Title Policy from the escrow agent through the production facility to the county buildings and delivers the results back without paper. Clients enter search requests directly and are able to track the progress of their requests.

Apartment Rental  For the apartment rental broker business. Information about available facilities is entered into the program. When a prospective renter calls, the desired location, number of bedrooms, whether pets are involved, term and rent amount are entered along with other desired features, and a search is instantly performed.
Forms of the facilities found are then printed out with pictures, directions, and other information for the renter to use in looking at the facilities. When a rental is made, a bill can be automatically generated. Reports for a period showing success ratio, amount of income, and a separate report for each facility can be printed
Room Reservations  Designed for the business that takes reservations for rooms in facilities owned by others. It keeps track of available rooms, queries by potential renters, reservations made, deposits, and billing. It has space for Host information, room rental rates, special period rates, occupancy, number of beds, a description, information to be transmitted to the renters, such as directions, food included, etc. It creates invoices and cangenerate a report on a monthly basis which includes a summary of all rentals for the month and the split between the rental agency and the facility.

Sales Programs

Banquet facility sales  Records sales and income for a banquet facility, including food, beverage, and audio visual sales. It has printouts for the kitchen and the setup crew and a variety of reports. It automatically calculates the price and total bill based upon the choices that are made for an event. A room layout program can also be created for your facility, allowing you to easily create a graphical room setup for an event.
Bridal Shoppe Manager  This program together with an accounting program has everything needed to run a Bridal Salon. Sales are tracked by wedding party and date. 3 kinds of purchase orders can be made (stock, bridesmaids, and bride or other purchase orders). It has an inventory function so that goods are received into inventory and then credited from it when sold.
Each day the register checkout lists the sales, and groups the receipts by cash, check and credit card, along with a reqister checkout sheet. There are numerous sales and inventory reports.

Time & Billing for Professionals

Project time and billing  Designed for consulting and professional firms that track time for billing or other purposes. Unlike other timekeeping programs which track time only by each entry, this one also keeps track of time on a daily basis, and is able to display a list of the time spent by entry or day for any period desired.
It includes an area for bid creation, and allows for billing on a time and materials, percentage of the project, or fixed fee basis. It includes numerous reports for analyzing costs, time, expenses, etc., which can be run by pressing a button at any time.
This program also tracks nonbillable time. It can be extra hours on a project, or can be for office work, client entertainment, marketing, etc., so that all hours can be tracked, billable hours billed, and an analysis made of profitability for all time spent. Time can be entered by each person at their computer or by a data entry person from a sheet.